PRE-SCHOOL (ages 2-6) classes are designed to introduce the younger student to basic dance movements and skills using music that is both fun and familiar. The classes help to develop coordination and rhythm, and also serve as an early experience in socialization and working with adults. Pre-school students can enroll in ballet and/or tap, and can enroll in jazz once they reach the age of five.

BALLET is the most disciplined form of dance. Students are trained in classical technique, learning terminology along with technique. Lyrical ballet is a more contemporary form of ballet, where the movements interpret the mood or emotions of the musical piece, and is introduced at an intermediate level.

POINTE work is generally offered to those students with a minimum of 3 years intermediate level ballet, usually around the age of 13, and who meet specific requirements as determined by the instructor. Students must be both physically and mentally prepared for the demands of pointe work.

JAZZ is a dance form rooted in ballet, however, it is less restrictive in that most of the technique can be performed in a parallel position rather than in a turned-out position as in classical ballet. Jazz dance allows freedom of movement and expression, and serves to develop muscular strength, flexibility, and coordination. Jazz dancing takes on many forms, and classes include different styles of choreography along with instruction on leaps, turns, and jumps.

HIP HOP is a form of dance that is seen in today’s music videos. It is performed to hip hop music and is a combination of styles such as funk, break dancing, popping and locking, and other styles that are considered “street dancing”. It is one of the least restrictive dance disciplines, allowing much freedom and creativity for the choreography. (Available for ages 5 and up).

TAP is a dance form where rhythmic sounds are created by the feet. Tap helps to promote a sense of timing, tempo, and rhythm that is useful in all forms of dance. Students begin with basic steps, which are then built upon to develop speed, accuracy, and versatility.

MODERN DANCE (aka Contemporary) is a form of dance that developed in the early 20th century by those who wished to free themselves of the constraints of classical ballet technique. It is usually performed without shoes, and is based on techniques developed by American Modern choreographers such as Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham. Modern technique is usually performed with flexed feet (rather than strongly pointed as in classical ballet), focusing on creating body shapes, and utilizing techniques of falls and recovery. (Available for ages 8 and up).

ACROBATICS is a form of dance where acrobatic skills are combined with dance skills to create a routine.  Skills taught are designed to build strength and flexibility, and to improve the ability to jump, leap, and perform gymnastic style tricks. (Available for ages 5 and up).



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